Sunday, January 31, 2010

Our IVF Journey, Part V – Bedrest, Believing & Beta Test

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The first five days after the transfer I was on strict bedrest. I could only get up to go to the bathroom and that was it. Opinions on bedrest vary from RE to RE. The latest statistics show that any bedrest past the first few days does not improve pregnancy rates, but I wasn’t taking any chances.

Tall Man gave me my intramuscular progesterone and delestrogen shots while I laid on my side in bed. I iced my bootie for a few minutes before the shot and then used a heating pad after while we massaged the injection spot. I had to lay flat on my back most of the time, sitting up only to eat and then back down. My husband and friends were my angels helping to keep me company, keep me fed, and keep me busy. Electronic yahtzee was a lifesaver. I’m a geek, what can I say?

The sixth day post-transfer was shower day. Hooray! I never thought a shower could feel so good. Even so, I kept it short and rested for the remainder of the week. I won’t tell you that the resting was easy. My heart wanted this so badly and my mind was racing. I was on emotional roller coaster ride of my life. I wondered, will this little twinkle in my heart ever become a baby? It will. It will! I just had to trust in God and stay positive.

Eleven days post transfer we had our blood test to detect if a pregnancy had taken place. It took all of five minutes to draw the blood. The medical vampire, professionally known as a phlebotomist, calmed us down as we sat there rambling. We were in and out of the office in no time, but then came more waiting. After weeks of waiting, what was a few more hours, right?

Tall Man and I drove around for a bit until settling at home a few hours later to wait for the doctor’s phone call.

At exactly 11:14am, the doctor called and asked for “the infamous Ellie.” I told him it was me, then I heard him say, “one, two, three,” and the whole office shouted, “You’re pregnant, Ellie.” I was stunned, happy, giddy, and about a hundred other emotions. I said, “thank you” and we hung up. As if my little “thank you” could ever express the amount of gratitude I have in my heart for our RE and his team of beautiful professionals.

“Blessed be the Lord,
Because He has heard the voice of my supplications!
The Lord is my strength and my shield;
My heart trusted in Him, and I am helped;
Therefore my heart greatly rejoices,
And with my song I will praise Him!”
(Psalm 28:6, 7)

I don’t think I was ever able to appropriately thank our friends, family, Dr. Werlin, his staff and so many others who showed such great love for us during this time. God answered our prayers. He is so merciful that we have a baby who did not inherit the deadly gene! He is now two and a half and his picture graces this post.

We are truly amazed by God’s love, grace and mercy. Blessed be the Lord!

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