Saturday, October 22, 2011

Overwhelming Joy X 2

It has been a while since I have posted, but I thought it about time for an update.

We are so blessed to be able to share some amazing news!  If you'll remember in my previous post, a beautiful family adopted the frozen embryos who were a brief part of our family.  After a trip to California, a successful FET and tons of thoughts and prayers...THEY ARE PREGNANT!

When they shared the news with us, I felt like I had one of those rare "aha" moments where God allows you to take a tiny peek into His enormous plan. 

The burden that I felt for so many months, contemplating what was going to be our FET, all the hurdles and obstacles that prevented it, the heaviness on my heart that I was somehow standing in another couple's way of happiness...all came to a head when I found out...our friend is pregnant and that those precious little embryos were never meant to be part of our family.  God intended them as this baby's parents all along.  The twinkle babies are no longer frozen, and a beautiful miracle baby is growing in her belly!  Oh what overwhelming joy!  My hubby and I are honored to even be teeny part of all of this!

This year has been full of surprises!  I have not posted much about our journey this year, but I will say that we are extremely blessed and still overwhelmed with our surprise pregnancy.   I am now 31 weeks pregnant and about to turn 41 years old in a week.  Due on Christmas Day, no doubt.  The surprises keep a comin'!